April L’ecuyer Dye, Event Coordinator

April works as a Human Resources Administrator for Clarity Voice, a telecommunication provider, she administers their employee compensation and benefit management porgrams. She is also responsible for office manageement and coordination of all events and maintaining an Employer of Choice culture of diversity, respect, and inclusion.

She is a life-time best friend to Susie McBride and her family and is dedicated to the success of our mission to broaden the reach of other nonprofits, engage “kids in helping kids”, and to brighten the lives of children in need within their programs.

Every day she speaks of Susie, it brings a smile which is what she desires for all the kids we touch after all a smile and laughter are both contagious. Let’s bring a smile to each day, it might be the difference between a not-so-good day and a terrific-day.


April is proud to be part of team-awesome!