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Susie Q’s Kids, Inc. is proud to partner with some amazing organizations and non-profits. is proud to partner with some amazing organizations and non-profits.

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Why Our Community Partnerships Are So Important

Susie Q’s Kids understands the health and privacy of the kids they help comes first. Our ability to help such a variety of kids in differing situations is only made possible by the connections we have made In our community.  Susie Q’s Kids partners with these established 501c(3) organizations and many others to provide them with comfort bags, blankets, and panda bears for distribution to the kids entrusted in their programs. Their privacy and well-being is of the utmost importance.

The Directors of the various programs share stories with us. Take an imagination tour with me of how:

For those who have supported our efforts: financially, spiritually, physically, or emotionally, this Is all possible because of you.  Please share our mission “to provide comfort bags to kids in need” and our goal “to brighten and inspire the lives of kids, on bag at a time.” Thank you for your continued support!


Susie Q's Partners

We’re looking to connect with the following types of non-profit partners who deal with kids experiencing trauma:

• Physical, Social, and Emotional Distress.
• Foster Care
• Living in Shelters
• (dis)Abilities
• Mental Health and Abuse Challenges
• Grieving Kids

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