Our Story

Susie Q’s Kids, Inc. was founded in memory of Susan McBride-Welsh, whose passion for helping children led her to make a positive impact on their lives. The organization strives to make a difference by supporting children and young adults who may be struggling emotionally, physically, or mentally. By distributing comfort bags to children in a variety of situations, Susie Q’s Kids seeks to improve and brighten their lives, and empower them with the strength they need to overcome their challenges.

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Susan McBride (Susie Q)

Susie Q’s Kids, Inc. was started in honor of Susan McBride (Susie Q), a special young lady who loved kids, giving back, and living every day to its fullest.

After a lifetime of medical issues, she succumbed to an infection in 2017 that ended her short life at 31 years of age. She was a treasure that touched the lives of all she met with her smile, her positivity, and her unfailing desire to assist others. Susie made a difference in the lives of those she touched.

Through this program, we will keep Susie Q’s vision alive!

Susie’s motto

You got this! Together, we can make a difference providing comfort bags to kids in need.

How We Began:

Susie Q’s Kids was formed in honor of our loving daughter, Susan McBride-Welsh (Susie Q). After a lifetime of illnesses, she lost her battle at 31 years of age to Sepsis in 2017. In life, she was instrumental in helping those less fortunate and this non-profit was created to continue her good works in the community. We strive to make a difference following in her footsteps.

Susie Q was inspirational in life and continues to motivate others involved in our mission and kids in our community to be the best they can be. Susie Q’s Kids provides comfort bags, panda bears, blankets, socks, and inspiration items to kids and young adults in need, such as, those in hospital/health situations, foster care, shelters, and those grieving the loss of a loved one.


Susie Q’s Kids strives to present kids with comfort, sensory, and grief bags letting them know others care, they are not alone, and they “Got This!” We achieve this through several initiatives: bag stuffing events, donation drives, conference and event sponsorships and volunteerism, speaking engagements, and through financial support.


“To provide comfort bags to kids in need“. Our bags are provided to other nonprofits for distribution to kids and young adults in need in their programs such as those in hospital/health situations, foster care, shelters, and those grieving the loss of a loved one.


Susie Q’s Kids embraces others with Hope, Caring, and Commitment. Our program welcomes everyone, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, or belief system. Our main purpose is to bring the community together through our sponsorship, volunteers, supporters and team interactions to provide a sense of comfort to kids and young adults in need through our actions, service, and demeanor of acceptance and inclusiveness.

Guiding Principles:

Provide our kids, volunteers, and supporters with the CAPES to make a difference

  • Comfort kids in need through our comfort, sensory, and grief bag program
  • Act with purpose providing kids with the knowledge that others care
  • Promote a “Kids Helping Kids” philosophy engaging kids in giving back
  • Empower volunteers with opportunities to help kids and young adults in need within our community
  • Support the missions of other nonprofit organizations by providing them with comfort bags
    for distribution to kids and families in their programs

Get involved

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Filling bags is the perfect opportunity to get involved and make a difference if you're looking for something hands-on.


If you don't have time to help out then helping us secure supplies for bags is the next best thing.


We're always looking for new service orgs to partner with. Together we can make a huge impact on the world.