Joseph Welsh, Treasurer

Joseph Welsh, co-founder of Susie Q’s Kids, has more than thirty years as a Design Specialist at Fiat Chrysler Automobile and enjoys working with others, laughter and enjoying life.  As the father of six, his family and grandchildren keep him on his toes.

He is dedicated to the success of Susie Q’s Kids, Inc. as if fulfills the niche to give back, to help others, to make a difference, and to honor our children.  His accounting background and ethical and trusting demeanor make him the best to oversight the financials in conjunction with our CPA and accounting connections.

His passion for helping others along with his desire to honor his daughter, Susie Q, led to the creation of Susie Q’s Kids, Inc. and a legacy to help brighten and inspire the lives of children and young adults in need, “One Comfort Bag at a Time”.