Dedicated to helping children and young adults.

About Our Professional Team

Dr. Mary Welsh took her love for her daughter Susie Q, her daughter’s passion for life and aiding others, and her 20 plus years of business consulting, Human Resources experience and college teaching to start her writing career and launch this non-profit.  Dr. Mary is a Senior Certified Human Resources Professional, and has been recognized for her outstanding work in her field. She was recently awarded Executive Human Resources Champion of the Year 2018 by Human Resources Organization Today. She hopes to bring an avenue for businesses to support non-profits dedicated to aiding children and young adults, brightening the lives of others and making a difference “One Bag at a Time.”

Meet Our Board of Directors

Dr. Mary Welsh, President, SCP, SPHR

Dr. Mary Welsh has more than twenty years of Business Consulting, HR and Teaching Experience. She holds a Doctorate of Management in Executive Leadership, a dual master’s degree in HR and Business Operations Management along with Certification as a Senior Certified Professional (SCP) from the Society of Human Resource Management and as a Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) from the Human Resources Certification Institute. 

She was named “Executive HR Champion of the Year 2018” by HRO Today and has her own Business and Consulting firm, WBHR Consultants (Call Dr Mary) and enjoys working with businesses as they grow and prosper as well as enlightening the minds of her students.

Her passion for helping others along with her desire to honor her daughter, Susie Q, led to the creation of Susie Q’s Kids, Inc. and a legacy to help the lives of children and young adults “One Bag at a Time”.



Joseph Welsh, Treasurer

Joseph Welsh has more than thirty years as a Design Specialist at Fiat Chrysler Automobile and enjoys working with others, laughter and enjoying life.  As the father of six, his family and grandchildren keeps him on his toes.

He is dedicated to the success of Susie Q’s Kids, Inc. as if fulfills the niche to give back, to help others, to make a difference, and to honor our children.  His accounting background and ethical and trusting demeanor make him the best to oversight the financials in conjunction with our CPA and accounting connections.


Ashley Welsh, Vice President/Secretary

As a Certified Medical Assistant and Certified Wound Care Associate, Ashley Welsh utilizes her experience and qualifications in a professional capacity to help heal others. 

As the Vice President and Secretary her strong work ethic, effective interpersonal communications, and a desire to make a difference are just the right mixture for Susie Q’s Kids, Inc to succeed.  She believes in paying it forward and wants to honor Susie by helping kids.


Meet Our Support Team

Angela McBride, Design Consultant

Angela McBride is a Designer/Stylist at PeaceLoveSpandex.  She is a highly energetic go-getter ready to take on any new project at any given time. Her goal is to bring a fresh, energetic and inspired approach to fashion styling with each project and to deliver a collaborative creative vision every time.  She works well under pressure producing highly innovative products within all budget levels with very recognizable clients and talent and on various freelance projects.

Her sister Susie Q is her soulmate, they both have a thirst for life and Angela will use her passion and experience to tailor our programs to meet the needs of the businesses, the non-profits and especially well deserving children and young adults.  She lead Team Susie creating sunshine and smiles “One Bag at a Time”.


James McBride, Advisory Consultant

James McBride is a Senior Production Leader/User Experience Manager at Clarity Voice, a telecommunication service, who has a passion for personal development, technology, innovation and is a self-starter.  As a medical professional and critical thinker, he has an aptitude for problem solving, utilizing his knowledge, technical competency and customer communication. He will use his skillset to enhance our programs at Susie Q’s Kids, Inc.

As the older brother to Susie Q and a committed family man, he and his family (Karly, Brandon, Jakob and Luke) will continue to share her passion and thirst for life.  As her protector in life, James will ensure she is remembered fondly as part of her legacy.


Shawna Bork, Advisory Consultant

Shawna Bork is a Coach, Mentor, and Program/Curriculum Specialist dedicated to improving the education and lives of young children.  She developed program curriculum for use in summer camp, after school clubs, and user groups; trained summer counselors to implement curriculum; and supervised nature assistants in implementing environmental education programs.  She loves the environment, teaching, and working with kids.

Her family include Chris, Ella and Clara, all inspirational members of Susie Q’s family and fully committed to the success of Susie Q’s Kids, Inc. Their spontaneous laughter infuse us to remember the good in life and aid others.


Karly Beaupre, Advisory Consultant

Karly Beaupre is a Bank Teller at Citizen’s Bank and understands the need for excellence in customer service.  She has worked in several industries and always demonstrates respect, trust and exemplary customer support. 

Her family (James, Brandon, Jakob and Luke) look to her for her strength and dedication.  She led the family through Jakob’s battle with cancer with unnerving dedication to beat the disease and keep everyone positive and healthy.  She is an inspiration and Susie Q applauded her stamina, she will aid us in helping and inspiring Susie Q’s Kids, children and young adults in need.


Dusty Welsh, Website and Media Consultant

Dusty Welsh has committed her career to engaging with businesses and aiding non-profits.  Her entrepreneurial spirit along with her knowledge of the community, demographics, marketing, needs and desires of businesses and non-profits empower her to make the right connections thus advancing the greater good.

She has a vast background in website design, social media, copywriting and getting the message across.  She will be instrumental in the web development and ongoing administration of our program and marketing reach uniting businesses and non-profits “One Bag at a Time” to help kids and young adults.


Vicki Loomis, Advisory Consultant

Vicki Loomis is a Production Specialist at Clarity Voice who understands the importance of technology on small business and uses her skillset to onboard new customers to the telecommunications platform that best fits their needs.  She uses her communication skill set, empathy, ethics and trustworthiness to build rapport with her customers.

Vicki understands the importance of family, the commitment necessary to meet family needs, and how hardship and loss can affect all family members.  Her empathic nature will make Susie Q’s Kids blossom and bring a smile to our children and young adults “One Bag at a Time”.

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