Request comfort bags for your cause.


Does your non-profit support emotionally, physically, or financially challenged children and young adults? Would a comfort bag tailored to the needs of your cause make a difference?

Do you have businesses that support your cause that might support a team activity of creating and stuffing your comfort bags?

Then grow with us, get your businesses to contact us and we will schedule the event, bring or ship the product to them, and their team can assemble the bags for your use!

The businesses get to engage their employees, give back, and further your cause!  We can brighten the lives of others “One Bag at a Time.”


About Our Professional Team

Dr. Mary Welsh took her love for her daughter Susie Q, her daughter’s passion for life and aiding others, and her 20 plus years of business consulting, Human Resources experience and college teaching to start her writing career and launch this non-profit.  Dr. Mary is a Senior Certified Human Resources Professional, and has been recognized for her outstanding work in her field. She was recently awarded Executive Human Resources Champion of the Year 2018 by Human Resources Organization Today. She hopes to bring an avenue for businesses to support non-profits dedicated to aiding children and young adults, brightening the lives of others and making a difference “One Bag at a Time.”