Dr Mary Welsh Speaks on the Pinpoints of Light Podcast

Dr Mary Welsh speaks is interview with April Tribe-Giauque on the Pinpoints of Light Podcast during the Sexual and Child Abuse Conference about the power of positive thinking and reflections. Dr Mary shared her mission of Susie Q's Kids and The Four Aspects of...

St Collette Church Volunteers Bless Susie Q’s Kids with their Contributions

The volunteers from St Collette Church blessed Susie Q's Kids with their generous contributions of comfort bag contents and handmade blankets. These donations will allow children in need in our community to feel their kindness and comfort, Thank you!

NAEIR Supports Susie Q’s Kids with another Generous In-Kind Donation Supply

NAEIR has a warehouse of products they are able to provide to nonprofits through their membership program. Susie Q's Kids as a member is thankful for their generous contributions enabling us to help kids one comfort bag at a time.

Children’s Methodist Home Society Collaborate with Susie Q’s Kids

Susie Q's Kids is excited to partner with the different groups under the Children's Methodist Home Society. Susie Q's Kids provided comfort bags for the kids in need in their various programs and is working on an ongoing relationship.